How to record voice from a normal microphone?

If you're a student and need to record lectures for later review, or if you're conducting business and need to record the audio portion of a meeting, or you simply want to record a voice message for friends or yourself or someone else singing at home, or even record yourself reading a book for your children to listen to while you're away, as long as you have a computer with you, Audio Record Wizard is the tool for you.

This is an ideal voice recording software solution with many convenient features to help you perform voice recording. VAS is a build-in intelligent silent detector, which can help you to skip silent passages automatically. Noise Suppression component attempts to remove noise while voice recording. Auto Gain Control component automatically adjusts recording level to an appropriate range.

Step 1: Connect your microphone to 'Mic' jack on the sound card.

Step 2: Choose an appropriate source.

If the microphone is selected as system default recording device, you can just select "Voice" as recording source.

Select default microphone

If the microphone is NOT selected as system default recording device, please select the correct microphone in Advance mode.

Select the recording device

In this example, our microphone is connected to the on-board sound card, so we select "Microphone" within "Realtek High Definition Audio" section.

Note - Names for devices are provided by its manufacturer, so different sound cards have the different names.

"Microphone", "Mic", "Mic Volume", are used for recording from microphone;

Step 3: Choose an audio file name (optional)

Click the Add/New Button to choose an audio file, or give a new audio file name. For example: test.mp3, test.wav, test.flac

Open an audio file

Audio Record Wizard will record sounds directly into this file. After recording, you can play the saved audio file on your computer by using a media player program.

Step 4: Start recording!

Click the Record Button to begin recording

Adjust the Recording Volume Level as required

Adjust Recording Level

Step 5: Enable 'Auto Gain Control' / 'Noise Suppression'. (optional)

Click Options

Enable 'Auto Gain Control' / 'Noise Suppression' as required

Adjust Recording Level