Overview of the app interface

  • 1. Choose a source for recording.
  • 2. Adjust the recording level.
  • 3. Display the status of the selected device.
  • 4. Indicate whether these features are enabled: Auto Gain Control, Noise Suppression, VAS, FLL, and Schedule.
  • 5. Open the popup menu.
  • 6. Display a waveform during recording.
  • 7. Show playback position / total file length.
  • 8. Indicate the current operational status, such as Playing, Recording, or Paused.
  • 9. Display the number of files in the recording list.
  • 10. The recording list.
  • 11. Controls for Record, Add/Open, Stop, Play, and Pause.

Audio Record Wizard provides a comprehensive list of all audio devices accessible on your computer. As shown in the provided screenshot, our configuration features 2 sound cards, each presenting a variety of audio devices:

Realtek High Definition Audio
Realtek Digital Output
Realtek Digital Output(Optical)
Line In
Stereo Mix

AMD High Definition Audio

Our next step is to choose the appropriate device to use as the recording source.

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