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Do you want to create your very own ringtone from your favorite music or video? NowSmart Cut is a Ringtone Maker software that lets you cut clips out of audio files, and extract audio clips from video files. Unlike complicated audio software that requires you to understand audio recording technology, this ring tone maker software features an intuitive interface and a simple workflow.

With our audio recording software, Audio Record Wizard, you will be able to record audio from games or online media content, then using this ringtone software to create ringtones from these special recordings. Think about that making a message ringtone with sound from Angry Bird, it is cool, isn't it?

Make Ringtone

Make RingtoneCreate ringtones from music and video files.

NowSmart Cut can make ringtone from MP3, OGG, WAV, M4A files, also it is able to extract audio clips from AVI, WMV, MKV, MP4, RM, RMVB files.

Ringtone MakerExport as M4R, MP3,OGG,WAV files

M4R is iPhone Ringtone file, you can use iTunes to open it, then transfer it to your iPhone. MP3 ringtone is also very popular, you can use it on Blackberry, Android or any other MP3 enabled Smartphone.

Add Fade in/Fade out effects

Fade-in/Fade-out makes the ringtone sound smooth at the beginning/end.

Adjust volume level of the ringtone

This feature can make the ringtone sound more clearly and loudly.

How to Make Ringtone

Step 1: Open an audio or video file, or drag and drop the file onto the NowSmart Cut window.

Step 2: Play the file, and click to select the beginning and end points. Alternatively, you can select the beginning point, and choose the length of the recording. This the key part of making ringtone. NowSmart Cut make this step very easy and accurately.

Step 3: Easily adjust the volume level and add fade-in and fade-out effects.

Step 4: Preview the selection, then export it to a supported ringtone file.

Learn the basics in using NowSmart Cut

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