How to record telephone conversations?

Step 1: Connect telephone to the Line In jack on your sound card

In order to record telephone conversations, you might need a telephone recording adapter to connect the phone to the computer. Here is an example,

Note - This is just for your information, we are not recommending it.

After connecting the telephone with it correctly, insert the 3.5mm stereo connector to the Line In jack (which is often blue) on your sound card.

Step 2: Choose an appropriate source

Select the recording device

In this example, the telephone is connected to the on-board sound card which is the primary sound card, "Realtek High Definition Audio", so we select "Line In" within "Realtek High Definition Audio" section.

Note - Names for devices are provided by its manufacturer, so different sound cards have the different names.

"Line In", "Line Input", are used for recording from Line-in jack on the sound card.

Step 3: Choose an audio file name (optional)

Click the Add/New Button to choose an audio file, or give a new audio file name. For example: test.mp3, test.wav, test.flac

Open an audio file

Audio Record Wizard will record sounds directly into this file. After recording, you can play the saved audio file on your computer by using a media player program.

Step 4: Start recording!

Click the Record Button to begin recording

Adjust the Recording Volume Level as required

Adjust Recording Level

Step 5: Enable Auto Gain Control / Noise Suppression / Voice Activation System. (optional)

Click Options

Enable 'Auto Gain Control' / 'Noise Suppression' as required

Adjust Recording Level

Voice Activation System is very useful in this case, it can automatically filter out long pauses for you. Go to 'VAS' tab, select the appropriate settings.

In order to let VAS work properly, please do some test recording to get an appropriate value for Silence Detection Threshold. Audio Record Wizard recognizes input level below the threshold as silence.

Step 6: Let the sounds go through your speakers while recording. (Optional)

Now, Audio Record Wizard will be able to record from Line In. But, no sound will go through the speakers while recording. In other words, you will not hear what is recording. In order to enable it, please click Source to open Control Panel.

Select Line In and click Properties,

Go to Listen tab and enable Listen to this device,