How to record audio from web pages/other software/games?

Audio Record Wizard can record any audio playing through speakers (headphone) just fine, no matter the source is web pages, or other software, or games.

Step 1: Choose an appropriate source

Select the recording device

Note - Names for devices are provided by its manufacturer, so different sound cards have the different names.

"Stereo Mix", "What U hear", are used for recording audio playing on the computer;

Step 2: Choose an audio file name (optional)

Click the Add/New Button to choose an audio file, or give a new audio file name. For example: test.mp3, test.wav, test.flac

Open an audio file

Audio Record Wizard will record sounds directly into this file. After recording, you can play the saved audio file on your computer by using any media player program.

Step 3: Start recording!

Click the Record Button to begin recording

Adjust the Recording Volume Level as required

Adjust Recording Level

Step 4: Disable unwanted sounds from other programs.

Click the Speaker icon in the system tray, then click Mixer, then you can mute all unwanted sound sources.

Mute all unwanted sound sources