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There are lots of online radio programs, even traditional radio stations often offer stream content over the Web. Do you want to record your favorite radio program to listen to later on your computer or mobile phone? If so, you need the Audio Record Wizard radio recorder.

Audio Record Wizard records streaming radio easily. The digital radio recorder is actually designed for recording any audio playing through your computer, so it can record any radio program streaming through your PC, even it's from a traditional radio player.

As a stream audio recorder, Audio Record Wizard offers many convenient features to help you to record radio from the Internet with more flexibility.

Record Internet Radio
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Size: 3.2 MB
Platform:Win 10,8,7
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Voice Activation System

The radio recorder software has a build-in intelligent silent detector, which can help you to skip silent passages automatically.

File Length Limitation

You can set a time or file size limitation, then Audio Record Wizard will split the recordings on the fly.


You can set up a timer to start and stop recording automatically even while you're not at your PC

Record Internet Radio

Audio Record Wizard can record Internet radio, like, Pandora, or Napster. After a few tries, you'll find that recording from Internet radio is as easy as selecting a recording device, setting the recording quality, volume and clicking the Record button.

How to record Internet radioHow To Record Internet Radio

Step 1: Open Audio Record Wizard, select "Speakers", or "Stereo Mix", or "What U hear"(different sound cards have different names for this device) as the recording device. If you would like to record from an external radio player, connect the radio player to the "line-in" jack on the computer, then select "Line-in" as the recording device.

Step 2: Adjust the Recording Volume Level as required.

Step 3: Click the Add/New Button to choose an audio file, or give a new audio file name. Audio Record Wizard will record sounds directly into this file.

Step 4: Click the Record Button to begin recording. Start your source program;