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Record Audio from YouTube

Nowadays, there are billions of originally-created videos on YouTube, music video, video lectures of university open course, and many other interesting videos. You may want to record audio from YouTube video for later listening on computer or mobile phone.

Audio Record Wizard can help you to do this. In fact, it not only can record audio from YouTube, it also can record any audio playing through your computer. For more information, you can visit here.

You'll be pleased to know that recording audio off YouTube is as easy as selecting a recording device, setting the recording quality and volume, and clicking the Record button. Also, we offer many convenient features to give you more flexibility to record.

Audio Record Wizard
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Platform:Win 8,7,Vista,XP
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  • File Length Limitation/Voice Activation System to split recordings automatically.
  • Schedule to record even while you're not at your PC
  • Supports MP3, WAV, OGG, FLAC

Record Audio from YouTubeRecord YouTube Audio, It's Easy!

Step 1: Open YouTube, and pause the video

Step 2: Open Audio Record Wizard, Choose an appropriate source

Select the recording device

Both "Speakers" and "Stereo Mix" can do this job. If you are using Windows Vista/7/8, select "Speakers" which gives a much better recording quality.

Note - Names for devices are provided by its manufacturer, so different sound cards have the different names.

"Speakers", "Stereo Mix", "What U hear", are used for recording YouTube audio.

Step 3: Start recording! then resume the YouTube video

Click the Record Button to begin recording

Adjust the Recording Volume Level as required

Adjust Recording Level

Step 4: Disable unwanted sounds from other programs.

Click the Speaker icon in the system tray, then click Mixer, then you can mute all unwanted sound sources.

Mute all unwanted sound sources

For more information in using Audio Record Wizard, please check out our User Guide.

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In the trial version, you are limited to 2 minutes for each recording. Please consider purchasing the registered version of Audio Record Wizard. In the full version, you are able to keep recording for as long as there is free disk space. If you place a secure online order, You will receive the registration information electronically immediately after ordering! Each license allows installation on 3 computers. Note that this product is only available for download.

If you have any question, feel free to contact us.